Kate Winslet Forgets Angelina Jolie Jennifer Lopez Remembers Double Stick Tape

He apologized to his fellow candidates after snaring his second award of the night Revolutionary Road: Pan Im Sorry Anne Meryl Kristen Oh God Whos The Other One of Angelina Jolie.. Of course, Kate Winslet took home two statuettes for his work at the Golden Globe Sunday night, but we shoulda won something for his acceptance speech flub fabulous.

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Sharon Osbourne Quot Dannii Minogue Wanted To Fk Simon Cowell Quot

Sharon Osbourne once again to attack his former fellow X Factor judge Dannii Minogue - supporting the Aussie star is only the TV, because the talent competition that wants to sleep with Simon Cowell. Sharon - who is married to rocker Ozzy Osbourne - left the ITV show in 2008, between her and not rumors Mingoue t get up. Osbourne was replaced by Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole..

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Early Look At Numbers Ami Goes Late Heidi Klum Quot Haul

Although the figures for the second mid 2008s will not be available until mid-February by the Bureau of circulations, a quick look at newsstands in November with published data on the ABCs report provides some quick tips. For most magazines, the publication of data in circulation have flattened in recent years, with one copy selling particularly challenged as consumers spend more time away from the newsstands and in front of other distractions, like their screens computer. O, I Oprah Magazine, Glamour W Marie Claire And Teen Vogue all posted double-digit declines in single copy sales of these five months (December issues werent available Friday).

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Amy Winehouse Kicks Her Drug Habit

Amy Winehouse has finally started his drug habit as meeting Josh Bowman. Ive Finally Escaped From Hell Winehouse told the News of the World. Im In Love Again And I Dont Need Drugs Before he came here I looked at a picture of myself in newspapers and was horrified, he continued. My skin was a mess spotty and I was so pale and thin. I thought to myself: Girl, you got yourself type or you ll be.

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Quot Wendy Williams Quot Set For July

After shopping the skein of stations in recent months, has cleared shows lined up at stations that cover 70% of U.S. Syndie distrib Debmar-Mercury is moving forward with a national launch of yakker The Wendy William Show in July. Daytime strip has a six-week trial last summer on Fox-owned stations in New York, Los Angele, Dalla and Detroit. TV households, including all top 20 markets, Debmar-Mercury Toppers Mort Marcu and Ira Bernstein confirmed Monday.

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